North Downs Frequently Asked Questions

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The registration for the half / marathon will be hosted at the Bridge House Hotel, Reigate Hill, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9RP here race HQ. The start time for the marathon will be at 9.00am sharp and race will start in a small field close to the Wray Lane Car Park adjacent to the North Downs Way trail, which will be well signposted. The marathon route is a two lap out / back course which starts adjacent to the North Downs Way trail and traverses past the Betchworth Quarry out towards the East Car Park where both turnaround points are. The start time for the half marathon is 9.30am sharp, this route also starts in a small field adjacent to the Wray Lane Car Park adjacent to the North Downs Way and heads out along the same run route as the marathon traversing past the Betchworth Quarry out towards the East Car Park turnaround point, before returning to the start. This sandy and rutted trail is challenging and there are some stunning views of the surrounding Surrey downs. It will be very well marked and marshalled throughout with very well stocked check points.

We won’t be having a race briefing on the day (due to the current situation) so all race instructions will be sent out in advance and will be contained within the race packs which will be posted in advance of race day. All the race information that you’ll need is also contained within the FAQ’s including maps of the run-route which will be very well marked and marshalled in advance of the event staging. 

The registration at the Bridge House Hotel (Reigate) HQ here will be open from 7.00 am sharp only for runners that are switching from the marathon to the half or those that might not have received their race packs as the majority of race packs have been posted out in advance, with the exception of those that registered after Wednesday 23th June. If you still need to switch or collect your race pack on the day we would suggest that you get here with plenty of time to spare in order to get changed and get your baggage secured in the conference room area, this will be signposted at Race HQ. We don’t accept liability for any loss of personal possessions if you leave baggage, but there will be someone in charge of the baggage there, we would suggest keeping your bags locked in your cars. There is an on-site car park for your use which will be free of charge although there will only 70 spaces so please ensure you arrive early if you wish to park here. The other designated parking that will be available will be at the Reigate Train Station here the Race HQ is an uphill walk up London Road from this train station, it’s exactly 1.17 miles (20 min walk) there are 70 parking bays there too so you will have to pay and display should you decide to park here.There are also a number of residential roads in fairly close proximity to the race HQ, but please ensure you park in the unrestricted roads close by. 

There will be changing facilities in the conference room area for Male / Female runners to change in and in addition toilets facilities within the Bridge House Hotel HQ.outside the hotel but please be aware that your fellow runners may also require calls of nature pre-race too so be considerate when using the facilities and do not use these for the purposes of changing please. 

This is a hilly course which is not easy as there are some technical assents / descents and the trail conditions are variable in nature dependant on the weather, you can safely add on at least 1 hr – 1.5 hrs hour to your normal road marathon time. There will be a strictly enforced cut off time of 7.5 hrs (for the marathon) with a halfway cut off time of 3.30 hrs which will be at the Start / Finish point so if you do not complete your first half marathon within this time you will not be able to continue the marathon. The route is challenging overall with a mixture of undulating trail interspersed with tree roots, some rocky sections and there can be rutted parts of the course too. After the Betchworth Quarry the course is demanding and as you approach Boxhill there are quite a number of stairs to climb both up and down so please exercise caution and run sensibly on these technical sections. As the temperatures at this time of the year can also be warm, attention to detail is vital and your sweat rates will increase due to the elevation of the course, so drinking little and often is advisable whilst also ensuring you keep your blood sugar levels well topped up by taking the GU Energy Gels provided or Chia Charge bars at the respective check points. The half marathon is also technical  with the same some steep assents / descents and challenging trails to contend with although the overall cut off time for the half marathon will be 7 hrs so if you are running the half marathon you should have plenty of time to complete the course. 

Yes there will be marshals all along the route especially at the Pebble Down road crossing which is a very busy road crossing, we would kindly request that you remove any MP3 players iPods on this section and pay full attention to the traffic conditions at this road crossing. There will also be marshals  at all the respective check points situated at the Start / Finish CP1, Betchworth Station approach CP2 East Car Park CP3 – turnaround point. Please be courteous to all our staff as they are there to help you and they volunteer their time to ensure that you enjoy your day, so please show respect and courtesy to all marshals along the route and enjoy your trail running experience. 

At the 3 Check Points including the Start / Finish CP1, Pebble Down Road CP2 and East Car Park CP