Bewl Water Frequently Asked Questions

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We will be reverting to registration on the day at the Bewl Water Visitor Centre, Bewlbridge Lane, Lamberhurst, Kent, TN3 8JH here. There will also be allowances for switching race distances on the day. Entries on race day will also be accepted. The ultra marathon start time will be at 8.30am, the marathon start time will be at 9.00am, the half marathon will start at 10.00am and the 10km will start at 10.15am. We will also have 5min health & safety race briefings that will commence before each race distance is set off, it’s a 5 min (0.5 mile) walk to the start from the Bewl Water Visitor Centre so please ensure you allow yourself enough time to get to the start, this will be clearly signposted. 


The Bewl Water routes for all four course distances vary, these run-routes all start and finish on the lower dam wall of the Bewl reservoir. 

Bewl Water Ultra 37.5 mile (8.30am start) – clockwise route is 3 x12.5 mile loops of Bewl (8hrs time limit) 

Bewl Water Marathon 26.5 mile (9.00am start) – clockwise route is initially a 1 mile loop, then 2 x12.5mile loops of Bewl (7.15hrs time limit) 

Bewl Water Half Marathon 13.1 mile (10.00am start) – initially an anti-clockwise 0.6 mile loop, then 1 x 12.5 mile loop of Bewl (6hrs time limit)

Bewl Water 10km (10.15am start) – this will be an out / back 3.1mile run-route, the turnaround point will be well marshalled (2.5hrs time limit)

The distances have been measured using Sunnto Ambit 3 GPS watches and are as accurate as trail races can possibly be, the marathon as you will note is slightly longer, the trails dependant on the line you run will always vary slightly so please be aware that this is as accurate as possible.


Registration will take place on the day and your chip timing RFID electronic timing device is embedded at the back of your race bib and will be handed out to you on race day by our registration team. The RFID timing tag needs to be pinned to the front of your race singlet or your t-shirt. You are also encouraged to keep any baggage stored in your car, the carpark is situated very close to the Bewl Water Visitor Centre too so we will have limited storage facilities near the race start / finish on the day, these will be mainly for runners that will be coming to Bewl Water by public transport.  

The ultra marathon, marathon and half marathon and 10km will all start on the lower road near the Bewl Water reservoir, this is about a ½ mile or about a (5 min stroll) from the main Bewl Water Visitor Centre, races will start precisely on time. The start and finish for these races and will be clearly marked with the Hermes Running start / finish blue feather flags. If you are late due to transport problems your chip time (net) will record the exact finishing time, as all the timings will be based on net chip times, but please be aware of the exact route you will need to run if you start with another start group, as all the course descriptions are very clear within my FAQ’s for all the respective run-routes. 

There will be a mandatory health & safety briefing 5mins before the start of each event race distance so please get to the start early, in order to attend this. 

There is a cafe called the Waterfront Cafe and it is your own responsibility to adhere to any requirements that need to be carried out by the Bewl Water staff manning the Waterfront Cafe, so please understand that this is their company policy and follow the their health and safety rules. We will have a check point table stationed at the start / finish (Check Point 1) and at Check Point 2 (Burnt Lodge Lane) these check points will contain water bottles 500ml, Chia Charge Bars and GU Energy Gels for all runners taking part. 

There will be a secure baggage storage area near the start / finish where you will be able to leave your bags and valuables, you can leave your bag in the gazebo right by the start but we urge all runners coming by car to rather leave baggage in their cars (this will be safe) and it’s as it’s very close to the race HQ though please understand that this will be at your own risk. 

There will not be changing facilities at the Bewl Water Visitor Centre, although there are men’s and ladies public toilets that you are able to use and there will also be portable toilets that are located near the Bewl Water Outdoor Centre close to the start / finish of the race. 

Within the Bewl Water Visitor Centre right near the race registration area there are 8 toilets in the Ladies and 5 toilets in the Men’s which can be used pre and post-race by our runners. On the course and situated right beside the Bewl Outdoor Centre and close to the race start / finish there will also be portable toilets for our competitors to use too.

We suggest that you take down our numbers and store them in your phone should you need them on race day and we have also printed our contact mobile numbers on the front of the race bibs in case of an emergency. We’d also urge you to complete the contact details for a friend / family member on the reverse of the race number.  Our numbers are RD: David Ross 0798 454 0177. We also have medical support that is provided by our professionally trained KLP Medics managed Kevin Peach should any runner require support. If you aren’t carrying your mobile please notify a marshal at the nearest checkpoint or a fellow runner if you’re not feeling well or if you get injured, so we can summon our medics to attend to you. Please also notify someone if you have to withdraw from the race, so we can account for you.

This is predominantly a trail run but it includes sections along the roads on quiet country lanes so it is advisable to wear trail shoes or hybrid shoes as conditions underfoot can be muddy on stretches. We also strongly advise that you take a hydration pack or bottles so you can maintain your electrolyte intake throughout the race and take gels and food to assist you with your race nutrition too. Some areas are quite exposed too so a cap, gloves and lightweight jacket might come in handy too. It is well worth checking the weather reports here is the BBC weather link to ensure you arrive with the right kit for the conditions on the day.

If you have to use music players (MP3 Players / iPod’s) please ensure that these are the Aftershokz over-ear bone conducting earphones, not in-ear earphones as your health and safety is our primary concern, and we ask you to comply with our marshals instructions at road-crossing and to be courteous of all other trail users. The use of any earphones in accordance with our “terms and conditions” of entry also means that if you use any form of earphones, you do so at your own risk. 

We will be marking the course with fixed Hermes Running pink and black chevron signage on the run-route throughout and in addition there are permanent brown signs indicating the round the reservoir route titled Bewl Water route. We would ask for safety reasons that you run in single file when running on the road sections facing oncoming traffic, so that you can observe any approaching vehicles. We will also be using fixed caution runner yellow and black signs on these road sections, please take extra care with approaching traffic when running on these roads.

There will be 2 Check Points and they are located at: 

Check Point 1 – Start / Finish

Check Point 2 – Burnt Lodge Lane

Needless to say this is a public reserve and there will be a number of people out walking, cycling or dog walking, so please be courteous when out running this course to people you come into contact with en-route, as we would like to maintain a good relationship with the Solomons Estate Management team. 

This will be done by Gareth Parker Photography and will be uploaded on my homepage within 24hrs of the race having taken place for you to purchase, they will cost £7.50 per photo.   

  • Bewl Water bespoke fish medal.
  • Winners’ trophies for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Male / Female podium runners for each event. 
  • Gareth Parker Photography race photo’s which will be available to purchase for £7.50 after the event. 
  • Well stocked Check Points supplying GU Energy Gels, Chia Charge Bars and 500ml water bottles. 
  • KLP Medical Supplies first aid at Check Point 1 (Start / Finish) and Check Point 2 (Burnt Lodge Lane).  
  • Bewl Water free car parking all day for participating runners / spectators inclusive of race entry fee. 

The race is fully Trail Running Association (TRA) #4291 permit certified, fully RFID chip timed and is this respect we have all the necessary indemnifications in place required for these to be officially recognised events. The marathon can also be used for Good For Age (GFA) qualification for the London Marathon and as a pre-qualification event for the Comrades Ultra Marathon in (South Africa).

Yes we work closely with GU Energy and Chia Charge who sponsor our events and provide the energy gels and carbohydrate / electrolyte drinks which will be at each Check Point.We recommend using these as they are there for a specific reason and that is to help balance the electrolytes lost when sweating and help restore glycogen levels, enabling you to have more fuel in the tank and sustained energy. It is in your interests to pay particular attention to drinking little and often especially if it’s a hot day due to increased sweat rates that can occur, as a 2% drop in body weight (caused by excessive sweating) can lead to a 20% drop off in overall performance.The responsibility for your fuelling needs lies solely with you, although our Check Points will be very well stocked with 500ml water bottles, Chia Charge Bars, and GU Energy Gels to ensure that you are sufficiently nourished throughout the race.

We will have two qualified medics from KLP Medical, these medics will be providing professional medical support on race day. Your safety is of paramount importance to us and if you’re feeling unwell prior to or on race day we would strongly urge you not to run. If you have to retire from the race due to feeling unwell please ensure that you notify a medic, marshal or one of us so that we can account for you. My RD contact number will be clearly displayed on your race bibs for this reason.

The car parking spaces at the Bewl Water Visitor Centre at the “Egg Box Carpark” near the main entrance gate and this will be free for competitors and spectators.There will be sufficient car parking spaces at the Egg Box carpark for all participants and spectators, though we would urge you to keep spectators to a minimum due to the current situation and to vacate the start /finish area as soon as you have collected your medals and finished your race. 

All finishers will get their Bewl Water fish medals for completion of their respective race distances straight after finishing the event. Winners’ awards will be also be awarded to the Male / Female 1, 2, 3 for each race distance staged and these will be posted out to our podium winners within a week of the event staging. 

The 2 Check Points – CP1 Start / Finish and CP2 Burnt Lodge Lane will all have a selection of food  and drinks including Chia Charge Bars, GU Energy Gels and 500ml water bottles although we would although we strongly suggest that you bring hydration packs or waist packs to carry your own water supplies and / or electrolyte supplies too, as this is a pretty hilly course and if it’s a hot day it can be quite demanding. 

If you are feeling unwell and need to retire from the race, please contact me David Ross 0798 4540177. You can also inform a marshal or a first aider and they will pass on the message to us. Please on no account leave the course without informing us of your whereabouts as your safety is our main priority. My contact number will be printed on the front of the race bib if needed and we would urge you to complete your emergency contact information too at the back of your race bibs.

These are the time limits for each designated rrace distance:

Bewl Water Ultra 37.5 miles – 8hr time limit. 

Bewl Water Marathon 26.5 miles – 7.15hrs time limit.

Bewl Water Half  Marathon – 13.1 miles 6hrs time limit.

Bewl Water 10km – 2.5hrs time limit. 

These time limits will be strictly adhered too so please be aware of these, as we have a duty of care to our marshals, timing support staff and the  medics too that will only be in attendance for the duration of the longest event which is the ultra marathon being 8hrs.  

To adhere to TRA / UKA  licensing requirements there is a minimum age that runners need to be to participate in race meetings, for the 10km event it’s 16 years old, half marathon it’s 17 years old and for the marathon / ultra it’s 18 years old. 

We operate a no refunds policy as initially stated at the point of entry. We do however reserve the right to offer future switches or deferrals if the event cannot take place for reasons out of the control of race management including but not limited to flooding, severe weather or denial of access to the original course. Race management also reserve the right to postpone the event until a later date and all entries will be carried forward to this date and refunds may not be offered under these circumstances. Event cancellation due to reasons such as Coronavirus (COVID 19) or other such pandemic, public health, local authority travel and movement restrictions and bans of any kind etc. are beyond our control and no refund will be given in such circumstances. 


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